Scholar of the Month: Ziva David

Ziva David IG.png

It’s time for the Scholar of the Month for March! I know we’ve had an NCIS character featured before, but what can I say? It’s a great show. So it’s time to talk about the amazing Israeli goddess that was Ziva David!


The first and most important reason that I chose Ziva as this month’s Scholar is her amazing language ability. She is self-professed to speak 9 languages (unless you count the language of love!), and frequently uses them over the course of her time on the show. In case you’re wondering, that’s Hebrew (her first language), English, Spanish, Arabic, Turkish, French, Pashto, German, Italian, and Russian. As a fellow polyglot, I can safely say that Ziva’s language abilities are #GOALS.

The second reason I think Ziva embodies the values of a Scholar partially ties into the first reason, and that is her affinity for lifelong learning. In language, she isn’t afraid to say things that may not be totally correct (there’s a running gag about her troubles with American idioms), but she learns when corrected, and rarely makes the same mistake twice. Midway through her time on the series, she also decides to both become an American citizen AND a full-fledged NCIS agent, both undertakings which required no small amount of studying. She does all this while still working full time (often more than full time), and she passes with flying colors!

ziva wow.gif

I know it’s difficult sometimes to take the accomplishments of fictional characters too seriously, but think about it: if you can even do HALF the things that Ziva does, you’re doing pretty darn good.