Book Review: You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero

You Are a Badass.png

I am an insanely logical person. If you've stumbled onto this website, chances are that you are too. I love the idea of self-help and bettering my life, but words like “mindset”, “manifest”, “affirmations”, and all that kind of freak me out. So at first I wasn't sure how I felt about You Are a Badass. But Jen Sincero, the author, quickly addresses the things that the most cynical of us shy away from. She instructs the reader that she, too, was once extremely suspicious of all things woo-woo, but that if you drop your preconceived notions and get down off your high horse already, maybe you can see that a couple of things more clearly. First of all, it’s NOT that woo-woo after all. If you think about it, positive affirmations and manifestation are just ways of putting yourself in the right frame of mind to go after your goals with an iron fist. They are also ways to let go of things you CAN’T control, instead of using your precious energy holding onto them. So even though they really are often surrounded by mystical terms and concepts, and are subscribed to by many of the same people who do some things that are WAY more woo-woo than that, they’re not that bad. Second of all, they freaking work. I did not want to admit it, but they absolutely, definitely do (even if I’m not that great at them yet).

In You Are a Badass, Jen Sincero manages to write in an extremely relatable voice, often telling personal stories, without it detracting from the actual message of the book. The other part I often don’t like about self-help books are the lack of identifiable, actionable steps I can take to become more awesome at whatever thing the book is helping me to do. But in this one, almost every bite-sized chapter is broken down into crazy simple ideas or actual steps. If you’re REALLY not into reading, or if you don’t have a lot of time, just read one chapter a day. Or even one chapter a WEEK, and focus on really implementing and thinking about the things in that particular chapter. It won’t even take 20 minutes. There are only 244 pages in the entire book, and 27 chapters. You do the math. If you’re STILL not convinced, sit down in a Barnes and Noble and just read Chapter 24: Money, Your New Best Friend (it’s also the longest chapter, coming in at a whopping  23 pages). Implement some of the changes she suggests. I can almost guarantee that within a month, you’ll come running back to buy a copy for yourself.

Before you go, I’d like to bring it back around to online education just for a moment and share my favorite passage:

“Have you ever noticed how a bunch of people can go through the same course, let’s say a class on how to start your own coaching business, and they all get the exact same information and tools, but some will come out of there and totally rock it and others will fall flat on their faces? Even if they all have the same desire to succeed, create beautiful marketing materials and do similar things, it’s the ones with the proper mindsets who will succeed. The ones who kick ass are the ones who can see themselves kicking ass, who truly believe in themselves and what they’re selling, who remind themselves how much they want to better people’s lives with their coaching, who are excited to get compensated for selling it and have no limiting, subconscious beliefs holding them back. The ones who feel weird or who worry that they’re being pushy and annoying or who subconsciously believe that they don’t deserve to or can’t succeed - they’re not gonna do so good.”