Review: Trello for Business

Trello for Business IG.png

I have been listening to the ladies at Think Creative Collective (or TCC) for a few months now, and their podcast, The Strategy Hour, has been crazy useful and inspiring for this website. So when they announced a FREE challenge last month, called 4 Days to Sexy Systems, I was absolutely on board! The challenge was great, but as I got caught up in it, I decided I needed to up my game even more. So I bought their $29 course called Trello for Business, and I fell in love.

Epic Value

Some of you have bought independently offered courses online before, and there's a general expectation that many of us have of how much value is going to be in a course for only $29. Trello for Business turned my expectations completely turned my expectations upside down. There are literal HOURS of video content in over 60 lessons! The meat of the course is taught by the founders of TCC, Abagail and Emylee. The rest is taught by resident Trello and Canva wizard, Nicholette von Reiche. They go over their entire system, and how everyone can use it easily for both business and personal to-dos. The biggest kicker for me is that that they don't just show you how to do it, they literally provide it for you. Trello has a feature where you can copy other people's boards, and in this course, they provide the links to each individual board, which you can copy over to your own account and individualize it to your own needs. Let me be totally clear: these pre-made boards are worth the $29 all on their own! I have now religiously used Trello for over a month for everything from finally making a concrete business plan, to a quick shopping list, to organizing my editorial calendar and streamlining my social media. I would absolutely not have succeeded in sticking with it if it hadn't been for those pre-made (and very pretty) boards.

Long Story Short

I don't want to be "in the bubble" and blog about blogging too much, but this course was just too good not to share! Plus, even if you're not a blogger, you can use the systems in this course to do almost anything. There's even a video about how to simplify your holiday gift-giving! If you make the decision to get this course, be prepared to get sucked in for hours watching the videos, setting up your personal system, and exploring Trello. Wear sweats. Make a cup of coffee. You'll be there for the long haul, and love every minute of it.