Scholar of the Month: Lorelai Gilmore

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Basically any girl (and most guys, for that matter) who had spare time after school in the mid-2000s is familiar with Gilmore Girls. That fast-talking girl-power show with mildly problematic characters was like crack to girl nerds, and I was no different. By the time I went to college, I had all 7 seasons on DVD. To this day, it remains one of my go-to shows to rewatch.

In the show, Rory gets most of the credit for being an academic. And she will certainly get the spotlight at some point over this series. But the character in the show who I feel embodies the constant scholar mindset is her mother, Lorelai.

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Lorelai had to drop out of high school and start working at 16, when she got pregnant with Rory. However, once Rory got to the age where she was pretty self-sufficient, Lorelai actually went to community college. She knew that in order to achieve her dreams of becoming the owner of an inn, she had to advance her education.

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Lorelai graduates with said degree during the second season. But her penchant for advancing her education goes far beyond that, even though it's somewhat downplayed. Having run an inn for almost 20 years, she had almost zero knowledge of how to set one up. In order to figure all of that out, she would have had to do copious amounts of research, basically teaching herself. Then, once she got the place running, she would have had to figure out how to market and get the word out. Not only did she do that, she made the Dragonfly a stunning destination, worthy of being featured in magazines!

Even though she had some moments like this,

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and claimed to hate academics, Lorelai is probably one of the most inspiring self-taught characters I have ever seen on TV.