Review: Hootsuite Academy


Did you know that Hootsuite has an education platform? I definitely didn't, until I started using them to schedule my tweets about a month ago. I knew that Hootsuite was a contributor to Udacity's Digital Marketing Nanodegree, but I had no idea that they offered courses of their own! More importantly, Hootsuite Academy doesn't only offer courses that instruct learners how to use their own website. For instance, the course I took was in Social Media Marketing. Of course, that aligns closely to their company's mission, as it should, but it expands to SO MUCH MORE.

Hootsuite Academy's user interface is extremely similar to Coursera and Teachable. It is mostly comprised of animated videos, and punctuated with small amounts of text, downloadable resources, and short quizzes. In the case of the Social Media Marketing syllabus, once you finish all six courses offered, you are able (but not obligated) to choose to take the certification exam, which is $199. Not a terrible price to pay, particularly if you  might want to go into that field. You also have the option to enroll in a partnership certification offered in conjunction with Syracuse University for $999 (don't worry, that one gave me sticker shock too). I chose not to opt for either certification for the time being, chiefly because I'm in it just for the learning. The certification wouldn't necessarily offer me anything further than the course alone.

First of all, I think Hootsuite did a really good thing in offering these courses. They are extremely well organized and beautifully but simply animated. I also think that they were wise to 'be the bigger person' and include many more social media platforms in their course than they currently offer services for, like Pinterest and Snapchat. Further, they do a pretty good job at not shoving their own product down the learner's throat. Of course, they do use the company's own social media accounts as some of the examples, but not to an annoying extent. The content is super useful, and I am so excited to start applying it to my own social media accounts!

I definitely recommend this platform if social media marketing is your thing. Especially if you're new to the field, and don't totally understand some of the trending platforms, these courses can help provide you with info about them, and some strategies to excel and bring more traffic to your business!