Scholar of the Month: Elle Woods

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I already know I'm not the only one out there who has a habit of watching Legally Blonde whenever they're in need of some motivation. And at first, I wasn't completely sure as to why that was. But in my ripe old age of 26, I have begun to discover some insight into what makes Elle Woods the crazy amazing goddess that she is.

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First of all, that movie was way before its time as far as feminism goes. Elle grows into this mature, professional person over the course of the movie, but even at the end, she's not afraid to be girly and feminine.

Second, while it could be argued that she went to law school in order to get a man, it should not be ignored that she realizes reasonably early on in the plot that Warren is actually kind of a dick and completely undeserving of her awesomeness.

But more to the point, rather than the story being a typical 90s/early 00s makeover montage, Elle only uses the skills she ALREADY HAS in order to become a badass law student. It's demonstrated practically in the first scene (the one in the department store), that she has a steel trap for a brain when it comes to remembering details, and when she turns that memory to law, it should only be expected that she would excel.

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Finally, Elle Woods is willing to put the work in when it comes to studying. When she figured out just how behind she was when she started law school, she immediately (after a salon pep talk, of course) gets down to business and studies her butt off until she can play ball with the big boys.

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